Record or Go Live in The Meeting Room!

Do you need space? Are there two or more of you in a band? Maybe this room will suit. It ain’t a big room, but it fits three people OK.

What’s in The Meeting Room?

The Meeting Room currently has two Procaster mics in either Full Stereo or Dual Mono configuration. These can be positioned left and right, or in an ‘up/down’ configuration. We only have one stand.

There are also two spare line level RCA inputs on the mixer in this room in case you need to connect an instrument or a backing track. Audio from this can go to the room amp as well as to the recorder in the room and optionally direct to air. We also have provision for a balanced audio connection direct to the main broadcast desk via XLR, but limited gain.

We know this isn’t brilliant equipment, but at this stage Herb and I need to prove to the 2ARM Committee that we are dedicated to getting local live musicians on air! In time, we hope to add more mics, a more capable mixer etc. That said, the results have been fairly good so far… Click here for examples.

Do you want to play live to air?

We have a couple of options. Some presenters prefer to record tracks, then have them played on air afterwards if they’re happy with them; whereas other like to go direct ‘live’ to air. We can do whatever you’re comfortable with, and there’s no obligation to go on air at all. Sometimes music just doesn’t go to plan!

Typical Show Format?

Generally, the idea is that you come in around 5 or 6pm Thursday, and we do a few recordings and play them back to make sure the levels and sound are what you’d like. We don’t go ‘On Air’ until 7pm.

After 7pm I introduce you and have a bit of a chat about your band, your type of music etc. You’re then free to play a track live, or one we recorded earlier. Afterwards, we chat some more, then usually I play a track or two from the computer to give you time to relax, retune, etc. These can be tracks from a limited playlist, or you’re welcome to supply your own music for the hour. We then alternate between you playing live (or previously recorded tracks) and as many tracks off the computer as you’d like, to round out the hour.

If you’re a more accomplished musician / band who is comfortable being an ‘MC’, you can fill the hour with your own material if you like. Nothing is set in stone.

After The Show…

You’ll be given your recordings via Google Drive; and they’ll also be placed in the station’s computers so they can be played by other presenters. With your permission, they’ll also be made available as MP3s from this website, and possibly via YouTube if a video edition of the program is created.

Outside Broadcast?

We don’t have that capability yet – hopefully in October / November we will 🙂

That sounds like fun! How do I get in touch?

Easy – either email or contact me through the Facebook Page.

It would be a good idea if you can send a sample of your music ahead of time, and possibly arrange to meet ahead of time as well so we’re not ‘strangers on the night.’