Code of Conduct for Live Musicians performing at 2ARM.

Community Radio is what you might call ‘Old Media’ – it’s traditional broadcast media and is thus bound by a number of rules which don’t apply to New Media. (ie YouTube etc.)

To that end, we need you to abide by a few common sense rules.

No Swearing on air.

Although the F word and its relatives are now in fairly common usage, Old Media still prefers it not to be broadcast. Both Studio A and The Meeting Room feature a prominent On Air light – when it’s on please assume your grandma and your toddler are listening!

If your songs contain expletives, please let us know ahead of time so we can review if they’re acceptable; or if they need to be prepended with an explicit language warning.

Being Inclusive / no discrimination.

Generally speaking, we don’t want to offend people on air. This means avoiding religion and politics, as well as avoiding alienating people based on race, gender of sexuality.


We have limited protections against defamation. As a broadcaster, we could be held as contributarily liabile for your actions. Please don’t put the station and its committee at risk by making statements that may defame, bully or harass another person on air.

Warning – We don’t have a dump button or broadcast delay.

If you’re going live to air, we don’t have a way of turning back the clock.