Chat & Play in Studio A

If you’re a solo artist, or an agile pair of artists, this might be the best option for you. Depends on what instrument you play!

What’s in Studio A?

Studio A is a fairly typical Radio studio – it has two articulated mono guest microphones with optional AGC, a couple of chairs, and not much spare space.

Technically speaking, it also has facility to connect your own amplifier, assuming your amplifier has a Line or Headphone Out that is either a balanced XLR connection, or an unbalanced TRS or RCA connection. It doesn’t have facility for direct connection of an electric guitar or a guitar pick-up. We have limited leads though so let us know what you need ahead of time. Foldback is also available by headphones from our studio desk, or use the FM Radio app on your phone.

Getting Set Up?

Life with Mike follows directly from Colin Gadd’s program, so there’s no time to set up the studio prior to show start. However, the first hour of Life with Mike is mostly music, so that gives us up to an hour to get you settled in, optionally wired up and to have a bit of a chat, maybe even do a test recording so you can see if you’re happy with levels, sound quality etc.

Typical Show Format?

While this is always evolving, what seems to work well in this setup is once we reach 7pm, we alternate between chatting, you playing a song live to air, chatting, me playing a recorded song or two (your own or something you get to pick from my playlist for that night), and repeating this for most of the hour. This way you get to have a break between songs, can have a chat off air, time to retune, etc.

If you want to bring your own prerecorded music to play, this can be on CD, Memory Stick, or played live from your phone or laptop via a 3.5mm TRS lead. If you supply this ahead of time, results will be better since we can have the music better equalized to suit our transmitter.

Who can listen to the show?

People within 70km radius of Armidale can usually hear us on FM 92.1, depending on the geography between them and Armidale. Others can listen online worldwide via

With your permission, and if the technology has gone to plan, the show will also be made available afterwards in video format on this website as a YouTube Guided Playlist, and optionally with your songs listed separately as well under the live music section of this page. Have a look at Episode 76 for an idea of how this may look. Note that we just use random phones as cameras – we’re not set up as a movie studio. You can elect to have a still image or text description of your choosing instead of your video.

What happens after the show?

We may be followed at 8pm by Herb’s Bluegrass Radio Hour. Herb starts with a three minute song which gives us a little time to change over. We can continue to pack up during his show whilst music is playing, so there’s no great rush. Herb loves a chat too!

On that weekend, if not before, I’ll retrieve the 192kbps MP3 audio recording from the computer system and edit it for the YouTube Guided Playlist. I’ll also supply you with Google Drive links to the audio, and add them to the station’s computer system so other presenters from here and 2NVR may opt to replay them from time to time.

If you have your own YouTube channel, you may prefer to host your recordings on your own channel instead of them being hosted on Life with Mike. If so, let me know so I can link to your copy.

That sounds like fun! How do I get in touch?

Easy – either email or contact me through the Facebook Page.

It would be a good idea if you can send a sample of your music ahead of time, and possibly arrange to meet ahead of time as well so we’re not ‘strangers on the night.’