About 2ARM’s Live Music experiment.

2ARM (Armidale’s Community Rado) is keen to bring more local music to the Armidale Airwaves. One way we can do this is by having local musicians come to play and chat at the station. My program has been chosen as a guinea pig for this trial, due to my technical knowledge of the station equipment; and because I’ve already had successful early tests with Seanii Plunkett, and Herb from Bluegrass Radio Hour (8pm Thursdays) has also been instrumental in helping, thanks to the Hi-Lo Bean Pickers and Finger Picking Good.

2ARM is a traditional style volunteer run radio station, so it’s not really set up for live music; but that won’t stop us doing what we can with the modest equipment that we have! We don’t have a you-beaut mixing desk with mics for every instrument – nor do we have a large indoor area. But what we do have for now is The padded cell Meeting Room! – fitted out with two Procaster mics, a mixer, a 44KHz recorder, an ’80s Aiko hifi, and speakers that came from the Ark! Oh, and a fancy On Air light. (And carpet on the walls!)

The Meeting Room – Two Procaster Mics in stereo configuration – moveable.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, we also have two articulated mono microphones in Studio A…

Studio A – compact living for the modest musician.

So, we soon plan to have live music on Thursday nights between 7 and 8pm. (Currently it’s every MOD4 episode while we’re getting started.)

If you’d like to have a go, check out our pages on the “Live Music” dropdown menu at the top of this page to read about how it all works; and get in touch via mike@thelifewithmikeshow.com or via our Facebook page. All genres welcome – you just need to be a current or former New England resident.